Sunday, March 04, 2007


As a result of this plea, I bought the meathead pattern and knit it all in a hurry on Friday night. I used some of that Cleckheaton 12 ply, held together with Lincraft Big Wool (red-and-white and pink-and-white), and monstrous 10mm needles which were hard work.

This lovely article tells the origin of Larissa's meathead pattern (and there was a recent knitalong though I wasn't part of that.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

You are a GOOD woman, Olma.

I like how you've used a knife for scale of the 'meathead' beannie!!!

J said...

I like the knife as well - the colours are suitably 'meaty' as well.

Olivia said...

the knife is a borrowed embellishment - it's actually a bookmark for Kam's recipe book.