Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'd like to say I've been fine, and I do

Sometimes you just have to make sure to count the little things. Also sometimes you just go for it and post low quality night-time photos.

If I think about it too much, it seems like I couldn't possibly spend enough time studying to commit to memory all we cover each week in French class.

Then I watch a Canadian movie in French and I'm encouraged when I find myself picking up words here and there.

Next week, a course I'll attend for work is going to impinge unwelcome-ly on my personal time. I think it'll be all right once I get there, but right now I'm thinking about the pilates and stretching classes I'll miss, the basketball game, the sleeping in my own bed, and walking the dogs. I will take some knitting though.

But, today I was thrilled to hear from a friend who is far far away and had been out of contact a little while.
Two weeks ago I grabbed several balls of wool at an op shop, two different vintages and colours of Cleckheaton Natural 12 ply, hoping it would be felt-able. It's marked 100% wool, and importantly it's NOT machine washable. It features wiry white 'hairs' that surely aren't wool - but a small amount of non-wool content doesn't usually matter. As soon as I brought it home I enthusiastically knit a swatch. A lovely swatch which went on to gather dust on the coffee table for almost two weeks, as I kept thinking I didn't have the time or energy to felt it.

This evening I had 20 spare minutes before netball, and with crazy logic decided to give it a go. Whaddaya know, it felted like a dream! (quickly too). Such a small step, but it feels like progress. Now I can make plans for that wool. Along with the wonderfully welcome balls of old-school Lincraft Cosy wool recently given to me by Taph.

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Bells said...

yay for impulsive felting! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with when you do the real project with it.

and good work on the French. It's a language I could never get my tongue around, and I'm pretty good with languages.