Friday, January 13, 2006

She's ma on whom you can always depend

the bag, originally uploaded by Olma.

Mum made me this gorgeous bag for Christmas. It's the same shape as one of hers that I had admired - I loved the square shape and wide opening. It makes it a nice easy bag to put things in and out of - pretty much the basic purpose of a bag I guess.

It's not just the shape I love, but the colours, especially the green piping. Funnily enough, Mum seemed a bit concerned that the green might seem like her preference

more than mine; I don't think she realised that she actually hit on a colour that I am really loving at the moment. It works perfectly with the black fabric and the lining colour, and the lovely green vintage button.

And then there's the hand beading, which doesn't just embellish the fabric's floral pattern but really extends it into something more.
Ages ago I did a bit of a theme on the blog of people and things that inspire me. It almost goes without saying that my mum is a huge creative influence for me; even though I never did learn to sew peoperly (I can do an ok hem...) because she was so much better at it; I generally just scrub the potatoes in exchange for any sewing required.

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