Monday, January 23, 2006

Dip, dive, socialize

So, what was all that about leaving parties early, marinating in hot soapy water, justifying a lot of tasteless DVD watching? I made a whole pile of felted bowls, most of which were Christmas presents for my family. More photos, including before-and-after, to come.

Just after Christmas (in fact starting Christmas Day) I was still on a 'making things' roll - in fact I feel like I may never leave it - and I whipped up this pink scarf for a friend who is having an extra winter this year. I started this pink Patons Zhivago with trepidation, not loving the way it looked in the ball. But the way it patterned as I knitted, almost like a mini-camo kind of thing (er... but in a good way) was intriguing and in the end I was very happy with it. Luckily the recipient was too.

It's the second time I've used this pattern; the first one snuck onto the blog a little while ago.

Oh, it's not as pale in real life as it looks in that photo.

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