Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Four wheeled friend

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When Kam was about 8 or 9 he became fascinated with the concept of a time capsule. He packed up some favourite toys, writings and other precious things in a box and buried it in the backyard. Sometime later he tried to dig it up but just like Vern with his jar of pennies in Stand By Me, he couldn't find it. (You know, I had no idea until I just checked the imdb entry, that was Jerry O'Connell!) He had also buried this Tonka 4WD, carefully wrapped in a plastic bag. Both the truck and the time capsule finally saw the light of day very recently when his Mum dug them out. Although she didn't know at the time that he had buried things in the yard, all these years later she didn't seem to have too much trouble figuring out who to call.

When we went to visit her on New Year's Day, as soon I saw the truck outside, looking like it had maybe just completed the Dakar Rally, I couldn't resist. "Aww, you know this is going on the blog, don't you?"

Kam says he can't remember exactly why he buried the truck, it wasn't exactly the same as a time capsule. Even though I don't know the exact story, I really like it and I'm sure there was some serious planning and kid-logic involved. Maybe he just appreciated how great it would feel to find it a little while later, after having done without. I remember when I was a kid swearing that I would never be an adult who forgets what it is like to be a kid - that there are reasons and the things you do and think make sense to you, even if they don't to the adults around you (or the adult you eventually become).

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