Friday, December 13, 2013

Old Parliament House baubles

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A while ago, CraftACT contacted me about making some Christmas tree ornaments for the Museum of Australian Democracy, at Old Parliament House.
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This was a pretty exciting opportunity. At first I assumed they were to be sold on consignment (like my work is at the CraftACT shop) so it was also a pleasant surprise to learn that they would be buying them outright.
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I went to check out the tree last weekend and it is really big. The other ornaments are beautiful works in glass and porcelain. As they are mostly neutral colours, the bright felt ones do stand out, although they are smaller. With hindsight, I would have probably made them a bit bigger and perhaps in a more consistent colour scheme.
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Anyway, it was a kick to see my little baubles hanging out in the lovely foyer of Old Parliament House.
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Judy Edmonds said...

Lovely! Yours and the others make a great contrast. And what an honour for you!

Anonymous said...

they are really beautiful and deserve to be there! proud mama ily

Ted Sherwood said...

Frightfully proud of you. Father.

Donna Lee said...

That is exciting! The tree is beautiful and it must feel really good (and slightly weird) to know that you made a part of it. Somehow, trees in public places are always decorated by "someone else".

Wens said...

How cool is that? I think the colours are perfect. They look awesome!

Denise said...

Congratulations, how wonderful!