Friday, January 03, 2014

Last things first

There are a few Christmas projects to show you, though not as many as in previous years. But before I get to those: a very recent and very quick finished project. A few days ago, Aunty arrived in Canberra for a visit, and showed me a picture she had taken of a big crocheted hair ornament she liked. Hint, hint. It was worn (and I think also made) by a lady working in a gallery they visited on their way to Canberra.

I think I managed to replicate what I could see in the pictures (can't be sure, but it's a similar overall effect). It did turned out to be a good bit smaller than the original, but suits her for now as her hair has some more growing out to do before it's long enough for the full updo. So I said I would have another go at making a bigger one, in a while.

I coudn't find a blank hair clip finding in time, so just bought a very cheap dollar store fascinator/flower clip and pulled it apart.

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Taphophile said...

I am sure your aunt was thrilled to have what she wanted and handcrafted, too.