Monday, November 25, 2013

On a holiday! - so much for me to do

Time flies! This Byron Bay trip was over a month ago. 084_e
A cool place to spend some time, especially if you have a nice place to stay (and we did). I was very glad we were walking distance from town - and we could walk there by road or by beach - because the traffic was pretty bad at times. It's a very popular town with tourists and backpackers, and of course surfers. It has maybe grown a bit beyond its infrastructure. The local alternative culture is still really strong though, and they've successfully kept out the MacDonalds and other fast food chains.
 no lifesaving service
While we were there the weather was warm and super windy. (The very same winds were involved in these bushfires, though there were none in our vicinity.) It wasn't hot enough to want to spend long in the water, plus the surf was pretty bracing and there was a strong rip tide. I enjoyed just a quick swim most days and avoided too much sun exposure.
I wasn't a very diligent photographer - maybe I was too relaxed. But I managed to drag the camera along for a few outings.





Donna Lee said...

What a gorgeous blue sky. I noticed the sign says No Nude Bathing. Is that a probable thing? Do people just take off their clothes in public and go swimming there?

I know of one or two purported Nude Beaches in the US (and there may be many more that I am unaware of) but I've never seen a place where they had to post signs!

Wens said...

Oh it looks so.nice there. Especially seeing as it's roughly -10 here today... Ugh. That beach looks perfect, and it's a good sign if you didn't take tons of photos I think, like you said, too busy relaxing! The best :)