Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Babies! Ha! they'll wear whatever their parents put on them

So, I made a Batman baby cardigan. And then I went on to make a Wonder Woman one as well. (Might need a bigger one of those for me!)
I knit the large logo on the back as I was knitting the cardigan, using stranding with a bit of intarsia. As the cardigan is knit in one piece, the smaller front logo would have had to be done at the same time as the back, and that was more simultaneous colourwork and hanging threads than I could take. So I decided to try duplicate stitch to embroider the smaller front logo on after the knitting was finished.
There was a bit of a learning curve but I liked the result with duplicate stitch. It makes the fabric a bit stiffer, a little bit like a fabric badge has been attached, which I think works well for this logo. And my intarsia was problematic anyway - you can probably see in the first two photos where some black stitches show through the yellow sections. I also had trouble with stitches slanting and sagging weirdly, especially where there is only one yellow stitch on the edge of the logo in many of the rows, and I had to close up holes and duplicate stitch over some spots. I think there are probably many refinements in intarsia/colourwork technique that avoid these problems - like making sure the new yarn is coming from the right direction? I'm not an expert!
 The cardigan pattern is the same one I have used so many times, and I found great charts online for the small Batman logo and large Batman logo.

For the Wonder Woman one, I had some travel coming up so I decided to just knit the whole cardigan plain and then embroider the logo on the back later. I enjoyed the process very much - a nice bit of mindless knitting and then the duplicate stitch, which I felt a bit more confident with this time. I didn't find a small enough logo to put on the front, so I just left it plain.
I actually bought a 10-pack of this wool cheap, thinking it might make a garment for me, but I'm really happy with this steely teal blue colour for gender-neutral baby knits. (It's Shepherd Baby Wool Merino.) I think it's an easy to wear colour that flatters many complexions, and it's turned out to be a nice background for these primary coloured logos.


Anonymous said...

Live, these are fantastic. I just love your style. Ily ma

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Donna Lee said...

What baby wouldn't want to wear a SuperHero sweater? I know I would love one. The blue is such a nice deep color and will be perfect for whatever flavor of baby you give it to.

I love cartoons and comics but I'm always just a bit apprehensive about other people. Sometimes I get the impression they think I should grow up!