Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's not that I'm trying to keep my face off the internet

I just have difficulty posing for self-timer photos, it's enough of a challenge getting one where the garment is sitting right and the light is ok and the focus is ok, without worrying about my weird facial expressions!

Anyway my facial expression for this one should be a big smile, because I finally did the reknitting on this top and it worked out. Perfect timing for Spring.

As it was fresh from the wash when I wanted to photograph it today, I had to dance around the house a bit first. This fabric shrinks each time it's washed - it was very clingy when I put it on, and took a little while to relax. It actually is a bit longer and looser than this photo by the end of a day of wear.


Wens said...

It's absolutely lovely! So impressive! And a great colour too.

Anonymous said...

So impressed with your patience. But it is worth it because it looks so good on you!ily ma