Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Always believed in futures

final modelled
Well, I think this might be a weird double first for me. I knit a pattern that apparently no one has entered in Ravelry yet. And I knit it in the yarn for which it was written.

I think this has got to be one of the more modern patterns from Bendigo. The body is even knit in one piece. However, I did make a few changes:

I tweaked the way the ribbing pattern interacts with the lace, by adding one extra repeat of the lace motif extending into the ribbing section, adjusting the ribbing count so that it would fit with the lace better and would allow me to continue a column of purls on either side of the lace.

I also left out all the garter stitch, instead doing hems on the sleeves and ribbing for the neckband. I originally also tried ribbed button bands, with about 12 buttons instead of just four up the top as in the pattern. Even though I would only wear a couple of buttons done up, I liked the look of lots of buttons.

I had knit one of those ribbed bands about four times and completed the other side too, including sewing on all the buttons, before I decided that I hated this frumpy, ill-fitting cardigan!  Even earlier as I was knitting the separate pieces (oh yeah, seaming took a couple of tries too, as I haven't had much practice sewing in sleeves) I though that the armholes looked really big. I've noticed this with more 'classic' style patterns before.

with bands
I don't know if the photo really captures the bagginess, but it does show how adding the bands also meant that the neckline came up higher around my neck than I prefer.
  with bands2
I realised that if I removed the button bands, the fronts could be pulled together a bit more and the fit would be better. So I did a narrow crochet edging instead of bands, then added loops for the buttons. This improved the fit and the look, though there is still a bit of room in the shoulder and sleeves. Not a perfect fit, but good for layering in cold weather!

Now I was getting somewhere, but the crochet edges were curling under a bit and the buttons (even those that were done up) didn't sit flat either. I was delighted to find that putting a stabilising button on the reverse side of each of the buttons solved both problems. And now, though it's not perfect, I am pretty happy with my cardigan.

stabilising buttons

purple cardigan


2paw said...

It's lovely and so pretty. I like your button solution too.

Demelza said...

You are really very clever but that's no surprise. Gorgeous colour on you too. I bet Ravelry community appreciate it too.

Rhonda said...

I knit this too - I'll put mine up on Ravelry with yours.

Kim said...

Wow Liv, that's amazing. So beautiful and must be nice to keep some knitting for yourself for a change

Anonymous said...

I love this pattern too and would love to make the sweater but I really wish they would offer it as a download. I have trouble paying $14 for postage plus the cost of the pattern.

Sharon said...

I've just purchased this pattern and your review is very helpful. Love the colour and how you dealt with the button band to get the better fit.