Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Snow. It's better than rain, when you're trying to ski!

On Monday it rained heavily all morning. When it eased up a bit, I went out to ski for the afternoon. There had been so much rain, and the snow cover was already so poor (it has not been a good season this winter, at all) that things were looking grim. But it did start to snow a bit in the afternoon, especially higher up the mountain.

And we woke on Tuesday to find it had been snowing all night and there was a good it of snow in the village! Which meant lots of great snow up on the mountain.

I didn't build this snowman, just stopped to say hello.

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Donna Lee said...

Snow is always better than rain. We had a couple of winters with lots of snow and then last year not even an inch. I'm hopeful for this coming winter (and I'm not a skier, just love the snow!)