Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Over the hills where the spirits fly

A few years ago, I knit a big red scarf for my sister. Then it was stolen at a party. I had more of the wool (Cleckheaton studio mohair) and wanted to make a replacement, but she wouldn't let me, she said it wouldn't feel right. I still feel that another big scarf is due to her, when the time is right.
However, this one was for a friend's birthday. I had the idea to buy her a lovely hand made scarf, perhaps something woven. I looked around and couldn't find anything that was right. K thought I was being strange, why wouldn't I knit one instead? Partly it was because I was worried about timing, but then we ended up being late anyway and so I decided to take the time. And it actually was quite quick and very satisfying to knit.

My plan, such as it was, was to do the same basic concept as my sister's scarf (which I hope might be still making someone happy, preferably not the nasty thief though), a big chunk of lace in about 8ply. I tried using the same red mohair with a different lace pattern. It was working, though I found the chart really slow to work through. However, the main problem was that I wasn't sure about the colour and also the yarn - mohair is not for everyone.
Colour-wise, what I had in mind for her was a very deep dark blue. But when I saw this hand-painted Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted at the Woolshed, I knew it would be great. And I hoped my sis would forgive me for going back to the Print o' the wave motif after all. It just seemed like a perfect match, those ocean-y tones with the wave lace pattern.
I had a hard time getting a good photo of the hand-painted colours ('Tealing Blue')- it looks a bit too light and blue, and I thought it had more green in it.
Isn't it difficult to discuss colours online? I always get a shock how much my photos can vary when seen on different screens.
The reason it was quick to knit was that it's only 54 stitches wide including the garter stitch border (on 6mm needles). Actually I think last time I didn't even do a border. I also did the whole scarf in one direction this time, I didn't think the grafting in the middle was worth it, especially as it is more likely to be wrapped casually around the neck as a scarf rather than draped formally with the waves cascading symetrically in each direction. Although my grafting skills have definitely improved since 2007, I seem to remember the pattern doesn't mesh perfectly together in the two different directions, anyway.
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Anonymous said...

Oh it's so beautiful! Well done and story well told too, my love. ily ma

Rose Red said...

Oh, it's a gorgeous colour! And I love that lace pattern - it is one of my favourites!

Donna Lee said...

I really like the Print o' the Wave pattern. It just gently flows along. I have some yarn waiting to be a scarf for next winter that was in need of a pattern. That might just be the one.

Demelza said...

It's lovely and a divine colour! if you have any left..would still love a lacy hat!
don't worry i'll get the back of the list i am spoilt for your knitted beauties am reminded in the shower every day (washer)

amy said...

That color is great! Well, at least the color I see on my screen is great. ;) And I'm one of those who can't stand mohair. It makes me sneeze and I won't knit with it!

Alwen said...

Yes, it is so hard to talk about color online, isn't it?

The color I see on my screen is great!

Anonymous said...

oh so gorgeous! that colour! i was just thinking about a new scarf, and there you go and post the perfect pattern. not too fussy but lacy enough to be interesting. i never got the thing about grafting in the middle, like you say, its going to be wrapped around a neck right? a very lucky friend indeed.