Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Felting for beginners


Here are some of the latest finished pears. I do have a few people waiting for some, but for now, while I build up a decent batch with a good choice of colours, they are decorating the coffee table.

I've also been sequinning again. I now have a delightful range of transparent colours and sizes. The loose sequins are also decorating the coffee table, and sometimes (oops) the carpet.


And I was tickled pink last week when I heard that as part of their summer Yarn Camp, Lancaster Yarn Shop, in Pennsylvania USA, wanted to run a workshop using my pod pattern. I was delighted to be asked and very happy to give my permission.


amy said...

Oh very cool! (And also very cool that they asked your permission!)

Donna Lee said...

I love seeing the pears before/after. Felting is like blocking, pure and simple magic (when you want something to felt).

Kuka said...

wow - congrats liv, that's really exciting!
Love the pears (as always!)