Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can I buy another cheap Picasso fake?

I have some time off work and have been making lots of pears.

Moda Vera Mousse (70% wool, 30% soya) is good for felting and I tend to stock up each time I find it on special at Spotlight.
I was there last week, a frustratingly mistimed visit, as I must have missed the big yarn sale by a day or two. I did find a nice multipack of clear sequins - sequins are not just for Christmas - but I had thought I would be coming home with I scoured the shelves for something worthwhile. And I found what I thought was more Mousse in the perfect pear colour.
Although the price stickers did obscure the name of the yarn, I should have checked more carefully. A blend of acrylic and milk fibre? Not going to felt. This stuff looks and feels almost exactly like Mousse, but it is a totally different yarn, Chantilly. And I had knitted three pears with it before I realised. I'm glad I hadn't tried to felt them yet - I was able to unravel them and start again with the Mousse. Not sure what I will do with the two balls of Chantilly though. I'm thinking maybe a lacy cowl, though it's not a colour I would normally choose.


m1k1 said...

I have some odd balls of mousse in yellowy cream (col 28), grey (col 30) and brown (col 34) if they are of any use to you. Just taking up space here.

Alwen said...

Oops! Drat. But I can see how you were fooled. They look so alike.

Michelle said...

Damn! What a shame! Can see where the confusion occurred though.

But now you've given me an ear worm, thanks to your blog title! (it's a pretty good ear worm to have though!)