Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mama Leone left a note on the door

mini pods
As well as the pears, I'm hoping to have some mini pods/bowls/vessels for the Call of the Small exhibition. Since this photo was taken (on Wednesday), I've discovered that some of the fine wools I was using did not felt very well. No matter, I went stash diving and found some old handpainted laceweight from the Knittery that does work. I always like a bit of variegated colour for felting. And I'm using such small quantities that I should still be able to use that skein for something lacy.


Alwen said...

Those colors make me think of Christmas, which here means winter! I could use a little winter today, whew.

Donna Lee said...

They look like little acorn caps! And I'm with Alwen, we could use a little winter right about now.