Thursday, July 08, 2010

Antipodean Aunty didn't want it?

pixie st peters
I rescued this delightful brand-new tea towel from my local op shop the other day.
pinkie detail
I wasn't sure if it was a real fundraiser tea towel from a real school, or some sort of pop-culture tie-in I didn't know about. One of the lesser-known wizard schools? I guess that would more likely be Pixie St Peters.
pixie detail 2
Turns out there really is a Pinkie St Peter's school (it's in Musselburgh, Scotland, and named after the Battle of Pinkie Cleugh in 1547) it seems that these charming self-portraits are by real kids. I love it and will use it to dry my dishes.


Emma said...

What a find! That's terribly sweet, with all the self portraits.

Donna Lee said...

I think that's the best tea towel ever! What a great fund raiser idea. I wonder who's parent/aunt/uncle/granparent didn't want it (couldn't be a grandparent, they keep everything)

Karen said...

Oh, if I saw something like that I would have to buy it too. What a great find!

Alwen said...

Our son's school used that idea to make t-shirts!

Hashi said...

Oh my, that's precious! What a score!

(My word verification is actrag. This teatowel, though found in the ACT, is not a rag!)