Monday, May 11, 2009

Yes you can get something for nothing - though not til next year

It's too late now to promote Free Comic Book Day (1st Saturday in May, every year). Perhaps I should be saving these photos to promote it next year, but I would be likely to forget.

So last Saturday, I put in my one day (half day really) per year of being a comic shop girl at Impact Comics. It was a huge day for the shop, with hundreds of people pouring in each hour, many of them buying as well as picking up freebies. Of course there are those a bit down on their luck who are drawn in by anything free, and some came up with creative reasons to take more than their share (four per person - each business can choose how many they wish to give away, though they are not allowed to charge for the comics produced for this day). On the other hand I saw some families expecting maybe one book per kid, so pleased and grateful and making sure to say thank you on the way out.

As usual I had a go at answering people's questions. I do know which ones are free and which ones you have to pay for, but beyond that I often have to grab one of the real staff as my knowledge has a few gaps.


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Jejune said...

Ah, Impact Comics ... my hubby and I used to go there when it first opened up, back in the 1980s. We had a huge comic collection, which we sold in 1988 to pay the midwife who delivered our son - it seemed an appropriate swap :)

We still have our Groo collection, though.