Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I revved up my cycle and I cruised towards the house where she lived

The other day K and I were talking about Car crash songs (which of course includes motorcycle crash songs) and I was trying to remember the one from Sesame Street.

Wait, Sesame Street? A car crash song, in an educational TV show for pre-school children? Hmmm, it's not actually that likely, is it?

So what was I remembering? I recalled something about a one-way sign. Last night I heard ELO's 'Sweet Talkin' Woman' (opening line: "I was searchin' (searchin') on a one-way street") on the radio and thought that might be it. It wasn't.

YouTube revealed I wasn't completely off base with the car crash theme. It's actually a spoof of 'Leader of the pack', sung by male puppets instead of a girl group, a sweet story of a lovestruck guy who can't work out how to ride his motorcycle to his girl's house because of a pesky one-way street sign. Although early on he wishes he was dead (at least until his guardian angel saves the day)- there certainly isn't any crash!

My favourite bit is when the policeperson shouts "What gives!"


Karen said...

My all-time favourite is Warm Leatherette. (The original, not the Grace Jones version.)

Bells said...

Sesame street spoofs are so great. Sometimes I think an album of them would be great. But not really.

bertie said...

Nice :)

I'm more a Spaceship Surpise fan myself, though.

Donna Lee said...

I was sorry to miss free comic day, although my daughter went. She loved it and got to meet so me new comic artists so that was cool. I love a good comic!

There have been a lot of car crash/dead boyfriend (girlfriend) songs, haven't there?