Friday, May 15, 2009

Maybe the colour will keep her warm

red scarflet

Last weekend Mum and I hit Queanbeyan for a special mother-daughter outing. We went to several op shops, had a leisurely lunch, and finally shopped for beads at Benedict House, a lovely 1880s building which has a cafe and several art/craft concerns. That was where we found the wooden beads standing in for buttons on this scarf. Benedict House does have a website but I can't link to it just at the moment because my browser warns me that the site appears to contain malware. Eek.

Thanks to some unsubtle recent hints I knew that Mum wanted a short cabled scarf like the several I made last year. Unfortunately she's very sensitive to wool, and I had trouble deciding what to use. I wavered between Paton's Smoothie (a sort of genteel acrylic) and Lincraft Bamboozle, a cotton/bamboo blend. The Bamboozle won for its incredible softness, though I'm not sure if it will be particularly warm. It just has a cool feeling about it. I guess it's really a summer yarn.

I also wasn't sure about the bright tomato red colour (the second photo probably gets this across better) but thought I could dye it a darker shade later, if Mum wasn't comfortable with it. Turns out she loves the colour and it will look great with a brown coat she's making for herself.

red scarflet_2


Rose Red said...

It looks fantastic - love the big cable and the buttons/beads - fab-o!

Bells said...

it's gorgeous. I love the buttons.

dr k said...

it looks warm, and im sure will be very much appreciated! scrummy.

Michelle said...

Fantastic colour, and those buttons really make it! I'm sure it will be very warm, as it was made with love for your mum!

I've been meaning for years to get to Benedict House, but my weekends always overtake my good intentions.

Anonymous said...

And it is appreciated for itself as a beautiful scarf, as well as for the care and thought you put into it. ily Ma

knitting sprouts said...

oh I love those -and want to copy it soon. And those bauttons are just what I have been after - so off to qbyn for me soon