Sunday, April 12, 2009

Scattergun; but someday soon

This Easter long weekend has mostly been devoted to spending time with my family and catching up with myself (chiefly sleep, music and felting). The extra hour at the end of daylight saving last weekend disappeared almost without a trace. Actually I lost that hour of sleep again when I forgot to change the time on my phone, and on Wednesday morning when I needed to get up at 5:10 am for a flight the alarm went off at 4:10am. Sheesh. By Thursday night, I was so ready for this extra long weekend.

Family highlights include seeing my little niece wearing her dress. Seeing it in action, I'm certain now I'll knit that pattern again, soon.
back view

I've been spending lots of totally excellent time with my Dad's mother, D, who is visiting for Easter. She's been knitting me jumpers all my life. We have a lot in common, and love swapping notes on knitting and books. She gave me a book for an early birthday present; 2-at-a-time-socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. Intriguing. Will try it of course, but whether the technique takes or not, the patterns are lovely (and adaptable).

And music? Well, last weekend I saw Lucinda Williams at the Canberra Theatre. Love her: slightly awkward stage presence, huge sexy voice, fantastic songs.

In the past couple of weeks I've acquired a lot of new music. Although my purse is supposed to be more-or-less closed, I keep stumbling across things like a magical sale shelf in the country section with 'Strange Country' compilations and all Alison Krauss' back catalogue discounted; someone hassling me to move on to Scott Walker's 4th solo album; then another of Lucinda's (West) and Michelle Shocked's Texas Campfire Tapes, both too cheap to leave behind. Before I'd had time to digest much of that, a good friend gave me his duplicate copies of a couple of tasty morsels: The Walker Brothers and Dead can dance. Oof. Meanwhile, Neko Case's delicious new album hasn't been out of the CD player since K brought it home a couple of weeks. I feel like hibernating.


Bells said...

oh the dress looks adorable. Can't belive the twins are growing up so fast!

Glad you enjoyed Lucinda. I do regret slightly not going. And I'm on a new music binge at the moment too! I have a new love. Her name is Laura Marling.

kms said...

so cute in that dress! i am currently listening to the krauss-plant album a lot and like it muchly. lucinda would have been great. looks like you had a nice easter!

Taphophile said...

Glad you're having time with your grandmother (and other family). Look forward to your verdict on knitting two socks at once.