Monday, April 20, 2009

If you were in Big W at Civic today you might have heard the Hallelujah chorus breaking out


For weeks I've been casually sauntering through Big W at lunch times, wondering if they were ever going to get new wool in for winter. (Although I don't agree that creating things with yarn is a seasonal activity, the mainstream retailers clearly do - and probably have the sales figures to back that up). Finally, today, I came across a small chaotic display of Sean Sheep yarns. 'Rockpool' 'Rockbank' (oops, thanks Karen) was the only new one I could see, a wool/soy blend which actually screams 'Felt me'! right there on the label. At first glance I don't love the colours as much as Armytage. I hope there is more of the range yet to appear, because only one of the options appears to have the long colour repeats I love, the others are either variegated or plain. It's a finer yarn too, more like an 8ply.

Still, a new feltable wool is so very welcome back in the Sean Sheep range, which didn't include anything much feltable last year.


Karen said...

Looks like it's called 'Rockbank'? I wish our Wal-Mart would still carry Sean Sheep wool. I bought loads of Armytage when I could (but so did everyone else). The soy stuff looks nice. Not as nice as Armytage, I agree.

kms said...

love the post title, made me laugh out loud. look forward to seeing more pods and pears soon!

Donna Lee said...

Our WalMart only carries acrylics. Or big cones of cottons. Lots of eyelash stuff. Those colors will make some beautiful pods.

notmensa said...


Sean Sheep 50g balls are on special at Big W this week - 10 for $25 (or at least they are at Macquarie Centre!).