Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I sucked in my gut, and still she said, that she just didn't want to

Last Friday I angrily stuffed my freshly finished Coachella into the back of the cupboard and tried to forget about it.

My sulk didn't last too long though, and yesterday I tried it on again, taking some (unflattering) photos to assist with my analysis. I'm not posting those photos, but gee if I could somehow quantify the difference between what you see in the mirror and what is revealed in a photo, wouldn't THAT be a heck of a post. I'm tempted to start snapping a quick picture in the morning to check if I'm really dressed the way I think I am!

I looked carefully at those photos, looked at my own shape and other tops that fit well, and made a plan of attack. Now I'm in hopeful, getting it done mode.

It's knit in Cleckheaton bamboo. Yes this is a much finer yarn than the one for which the pattern was written. Yes there was maths, and some guesstimation too. Yes I still think it will work. Maybe with a bit less negative ease. It's a nice drapey yarn, and really doesn't look its best holding a deathgrip on my midsection.

So far I have to report that I still love Elizabeth Zimmerman's stretchy sewn bind off, but it is a total (slow) bugger to undo. Well, it's kind of meditative.

I thought I had taken a pretty cautious approach to this. I thought I had insurance.

I swatched.
I washed the swatches.
I did maths.
I took the garment off the needle multiple times to try it on.
Not one, but two of those times, I washed it and waited for it to dry and then tried it on. (Because of what the washed swatch told me).

But still:
The swatch mislead me on how much it would stretch sideways and shrink up. I guess a tight tube behaves differently to a small square, who'd've though?

I deluded myself that it was fine, when it wasn't.
And I put in waist shaping (per the pattern) where it was already plenty tight enough for my waist.

What I need to do now:
- Finish undoing the cast off (nearly done, thankyou Wednesday night ABC TV line-up)
- Rip it back to before the first decrease. This will almost certainly involve some shenanigans (also known as cutting the knitting) because I already wove in all the ends except for the one on the hem. The 'knitting surgery' tag on Flickr might see more use yet. Luckily, I have lots more yarn as I bought a 10-pack.
- Knit it again with more increases.
- Finally, stop about 20 rows shorter. (see, a silver lining!)

If the finished item never does make an appearance here, it might be better NOT to ask what happened.


Taphophile said...

Fingers crossed for a successful outcome. If it had been me, it would still be banished to the back of the cupboard.

Anonymous said...

Liv, you really ought to write comedy sketches. You're so funny and articulate about these problems that I can absolutely see you stomping around huffing and puffing. I reckon I'd have dumped it by now! You're a stayer.... and when you do get that signet ring you won't need the reminder words inside: 'Hold fast'. ily Ma

Anonymous said...

By the way, I nearly choked on my porridge reading it because I was laughing so much. ily ma

Jejune said...

Oh bugger, and you've been so careful and meticulous too! Argh. Hopefully you can rescue the top, after all this.