Monday, January 19, 2009

I've seen the love open like a dancer's fan

Recently I put my hand up to participate in Pay it Forward with Rhonda. This is a really nice simple concept, and it has been really popular. You offer to make a handmade something for a limited number of people who sign up by commenting. They don't have to do anything for you in return, but they undertake to make the same offer on their own blogs, and an increasing number of people receive handmade gifts.
starry night cushion
Rhonda made this for me. When I opened the package my jaw dropped. I think it is absolutely amazing. And she designed it herself. The swirly embroidery over the knitted base fabric is the perfect choice to depict the swirly style of the painting. I love it.
cushion close
As we gradually get the new house arranged, I am still looking for the perfect spot where it can be enjoyed as a cushion without being 'enjoyed' by the dogs. They don't appreciate art.
I did have some misgivings about joining Pay It Forward. It's been circling knitting blogs for quite some time. Rhonda got it from Nettie, who got it from Bells. I'm certain that many of the knit/craft bloggers who sometimes comment here have already had several chances to participate.

As originally conceived, Pay It Forward is limited to bloggers who make crafty stuff. Some of you who read here don't have blogs, don't knit/felt/make stuff yourselves, and some don't necessarily feel comfortable leaving comments.

I want to honour the commitment I made by signing up to receive this beautiful gift from Rhonda. As I'm pretty sure there are no Pay It Forward police, I'm going to make it a bit more flexible.

I'll make something for the first four people who contact me. Anyone is welcome, you don't have to be someone I know, and you don't have to leave a comment, you could also email me - oliviasherwood [at] hotmail [dot] com - or if you know another way to contact me, do so! I don't know exactly what I'll make for you or when it will be done. A deadline of one year is traditional, I believe.

You can choose how you want to fulfil your Pay It Forward obligation.

1. You could choose to make gifts for a few people 'just because' and without obligating them to do anything in return. It's a nice idea to do good things for people and just trust that the good vibes will flow on - you don't actually have to require them to 'pass it on'.

2. In similar vein, you could look out for a few opportunities to commit random acts of kindness or beauty. Put money in a stranger's meter before they get a parking ticket, pick up rubbish at the bus stop, deliver flowers anonymously. There are many more ideas to be found all over the place.

3. The old-school way is an option too - you have a blog, you put out the call on your blog, make things for a few people and ask them to Pay It Forward.

So. Sing out if you want to play.


Rose Red said...

I don't want to play (I hope that doesn't sound grinchy) but I wanted to say how beautiful that cushion is - so very special.

Michelle said...

That cushion is amazing! Lucky you.

Bells said...

As I've already played, count me out but Rhonda has done beautifully. It's gorgeous!

janet said...

hello. I would like to play. I am only an extremey midl blogger, so haven't before, as the passing it on seemed too hard... but doing it in real life? That's easy.