Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Driven. Enamoured. Armed with sticks and string.

I think Elizabeth kinda gets it. With a big wink.

They dream knitting I think, as every spare second, every minute waiting for a doctor or on a plane is spent, knitting, knitting, knitting.

She doesn't even hint at that phrase , you know the one, that includes "your grandma" and "knitting's not just" and "for" and "anymore".

Actually I don't really like to identify as a "knitter", like that's a special category. I may have said this before, I really think the urge to be creative and 'make stuff' is actually a basic human drive. It's just a shame that many people suppress it quite young because society says you have to have 'artistic talent' and that only a small percentage have that.


Taphophile said...

She certainly does get it. Let no newbies read that post. ;)

Bells said...

I read that yesterday. Great piece.

I'm a knitter. But I'm also many other kinds of creative things.

Donna Lee said...

I didn't know Elizabeth had a blog and I love it! I don't usually identify myself as a knitter but as a person who knits. And I think you're right about people not being encouraged unless they have "artistic talent". I have a daughter who loves to sing. Unfortunately, she does not sing well. Does that stop her? Nope. I encourage her to sing at every chance. Why not do what you love just because you are not "talented"? I can't design a pattern to save my life. But, I enjoy following someone else's.

Alwen said...

I knew all those pointy objects had an attractive element of danger to them.