Monday, August 25, 2008

No she cannot really see me cause she sees her own reflection

spin n knit
I've been having a great time these past few weeks searching for good 'pear colours'. It has made for some slightly weird conversations with purveyors of fine hand-painted wool and also people I bump into in places where wool is sold. I think I just start muttering something about 'good pear colours...sort of organic?' and this doesn't necessarily get across the criteria that make sense in my head.
pears pre felting_img_1581
From left to right: Lincraft Prism, Sean Sheep Armytage (marmalade) - oh Big W, why don't you sell this any more?, Paton's Jet, and Cleckheaton Vintage Twist.
I also recently made a little pod carrying on the theme of Mum's pitcher. I liked that name, Donna Lee!
little stitch top_img_1697
Upside down it makes me think of a tomato.
little stitch bott_img_1698


amy said...

What perfect, beautiful pears. I like them very, very much.

Donna Lee said...

It looks like a tomato! The pear colored yarn is beautiful even if it's not for pears. It looks like fall to me and since we're facing fall and winter soon, it looks perfect. I am still slaving away on the knitting part of the felted bag I am attempting. Boring.

m1k1 said...


Bells said...

Ah, Suzanne Vega. She was on ABC 2 on the weekend.

Beautiful pears - and it does look like a tomato!

Kuka said...

oooh, upside down it looks just like a tomato!!
You've found some peary good colour ways! ;o)

Rose Red said...

Love the pears very much - the marmalade one especially works well.

And the tomato is totally fab!!

Alwen said...

The marmalade one is especially pear-ish.

All of our pears are solid green and hard as rocks right now.

kms said...

they are like candy pears! gorgeous.