Sunday, August 03, 2008

All praise the sheep

After I moved out of home - away from central heating - these ugg boots were the first thing on my wish list for my birthday. Back then they were not a fashion item, at least, not unless you were part of the booner subculture. And now that I think about it, they were in on the skinny jeans trend early too.
well ventilated
In the thirteen years since my beloved uggs have given daily service at home for at least five months of every year. They had gotten very ventilated. I sewed them up Frankenstein-style long ago but more holes appeared since then and it had been a few years since I could wear them without socks. I also had to tie the back of the right one up with a rubber band.
13 years wear
Even so, it was only a couple of near misses tripping over the flapping soles and the fear of a serious injury - seriously embarassing maybe - that finally convinced me to replace them.
new uggs_1
And I'm infatuated. Every day I look forward to coming home so I can put them on. Hey it's been a tough few weeks, and small pleasures are welcome.
new uggs
I love wearing them sans socks. I wore them to the supermarket. If you look closely you might see I've already spilled something on them.

Thanks for saying lovely things about the short scarves. Here's a sneak peek of another one in the parade of scarves (not keeping this one either).


Kuka said...

gorgeous scarf!!

Donna Lee said...

They look so comfy. I see them everywhere here in all kinds of weather, even in the summer. (those people are fools). It looks like you really got every penny's worth out of those.

Michelle said...

Old uggies were sad, sad, sad. Poor little stitched up things.

New uggies are splendid! I could go for these uggies.

Scarf is still prettier though!

Georgie said...

You certainly got your money's worth out of those ones! Thye have run their race and deserve a dignified retirement. I am guilty of holding onto both slippers and shoes beyond all shades of decency too ;-)

Very pretty scarf!

Trudi said...

I have always loved ugg boots. I think they are my favourite shoes. I do try not to wear them out too much, although my stitching mates are used to seeing me in them in winter. I do wear them when I go to buy stuff at the Charnwood shops, after all it is Charnwood, lol. Where did you get the new pair?

Bells said...

it's amazing how long you can make those things last. My dad kept a pair alive by super gluing the rubber soles of old thongs to his for years and years!