Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Loud fan and a big tin can

knitted pile

These are the pods I've knitted with Grandma's handspun. There are most likely more to come, though not until after my slightly frantic preparations for this Sunday's market stall are complete.

I felted them while in Queensland - here they are drying, stuffed with plastic bags. Unfortunately I've since decided they aren't felted 'enough' and need another go. My cousin was an observer and thought the process was pretty interesting, though I kicked myself later for forgetting the most fun step - chuckasplat against concrete! The wonderful ceramic pear in the first photo is something she made at school.

See you at the Bus Depot Markets Creative Fibre Day this Sunday?


Jejune said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful idea to make pods with your Grandma's handspun... lovely to see her photo too - did she come with you to SnB once, at Starbucks about a year or so ago?

Michelle said...

Hello! You're back! Your grandma's homespun is just beautiful, made into the pods. I didn't know you had another stall again this Sunday! How exciting - I'll see you there.

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to send you an email re this project can you contact me. at belindajessupat gmail.com


Donna Lee said...

The pods came out just beautiful in grandma's handspun. I hope I have grandchildren who will cherish my handspun(assuming I get better at it!) and want to preserve it or use it when I am gone. What a lovely thing to do.

kms said...

beautiful pods. a lovely thing to do.