Saturday, July 12, 2008

Community Service Announcement

Moda Vera Sorbet doesn't felt.

The grotesque fleshy looking thing on the left was supposed to become a lovely pinkish pear. Instead it looks like .. well I can't think of an analogy right now, at least, not one that won't attract the wrong sort of search engine hits.

not felt

Here's the before-felting photo. It's a thick and thin yarn and I was a bit worried that the extreme difference between the thick and the thin would be too great. But it didn't even occur to me that the stuff might completely resist felting.

unfelt pears

I feel really sheepish about it, as I seem to be always telling people how easy it is to test yarns before you waste time knitting them for a felting project.

bowl o
Ack. Let's focus on these pretty brown pears instead. I am glad I was asked to make a brown one a little while ago, as I really like the way they turned out and have kept making more. (The wool is Sean Sheep Armytage in 'Sticky Date')
Please to admire their cute bottoms. Unlike perhaps many other kinds of bottoms, I think it's okay to admire pear bottoms quite openly.
4 pears
Along with pods and pendants, I'll have a few pears for sale at the markets at Kingston tomorrow. I'll also have some of mum's fantastic button bracelets.
five fruits
Updated to add: pic of the button bracelets!
button bracelets


Michelle said...

Ooh! Those pears look delicious, and their bottoms do look extremely tasty.

The pink one looks like fairy floss left in the bag too long!

See you tomorrow.

Kuka said...

your pears are excellent!
Though a felted avocado in the shot might have been good for scale?
(just tell me if the scale avocados become too much - it does still amuse me ;))

Alwen said...

Oh, I love this crop of pears! And now button bracelets, cool.

2paw said...

I love your brown pears and their bottoms!!! A friend just had some issues with Moda Vera not felting too, she made a bag :-(
Love the bracelets, the green one is gorgeous!!!

twitchy fingers said...

They look so lovely!

m1k1 said...

I was happy to oblige with the pear bottom admiration, even before you requested it.

Donna Lee said...

The pears are perfect. They have such nicely rounded bottoms. And what a good use for buttons. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

oh i love the pear crew. i want to join the pear possey. THey are so sweet no that's not the right word. The pears are tough and cool. coolest crew in town.

Tassie Rachel said...

I just had the same problem with Moda Vera Sorbet, wish I had read your post beforehand. Your fruit is so cute!