Sunday, December 09, 2007

She's so beautiful now, she doesn't wear her shoes

This afternoon I dropped in to visit my sister and to hand over the socks I made for her. She was a bit confused about how to wear them. But she's a clever girl and I'm confident she'll figure it out by the time the weather is next cool enough to wear wool socks.

Fortunately, our other sister did a better job of modelling one of the socks earlier this week.

It's Opal Prisma, from the Bead and Opal Wool Queen. And the circus stripes really suit this girl.


Taphophile said...

The perennial sock-modelling problem! Both of them did a fine job - the socks look great. :)

Donna Lee said...

Those look like my first pair of socks, only mine were blue and now my daughter Kate wears them. Hard to believe that was just a year ago. I love the self striping yarn. Lucky sisters!

Bells said...

Oh they're finished! I love them. They are really great colours and beautifully modelled.

Michelle said...

They look great! Even as hand warmers!!