Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Being good isn't always easy

Another iteration of the jewellery (or knitting notions) tray. I was just messing about, really, and the shape of the base was so simple I didn't bother to write down exactly what I did. It was refreshing to just forge ahead without taking notes.

The base is knitted and the sides and inner walls are crocheted. It's made from more gorgeous Happy Spider hand-dyed wool (I don't know the name of the colourway but it is a very bright blue with pinks) combined with a soft green, which I also used by itself for the crochet parts.

Update - that colourway is Sour Raspberry.

After felting I was really happy with the result and immediately cast on another, this time with blue. And it turned out that I didn't remember exactly what I had done - it came out a bit bigger.

Really, I'm going keep to telling myself: Always take notes.

Don't those colours blend nicely?


amy said...

These are lovely, both sizes. It is so hard to stop knitting and take notes, isn't it? Maybe a tape recorder... (this thought just occurred to me, and I just may try it myself).

Anonymous said...

I love the way the colours have blended. Very beautiful. Clever woman! Ma

happyspider said...

they are both beautiful! i never take notes either but i guess it's a bit easier to read your knitting pre-felting ;p
that colourway was sour raspberry.

Donna Lee said...

Those are so great. What a cool desk set they would make matched with a pod!

Bells said...

love them to bits, Olivia. So very clever. I always MEAN to take notes and sometimes take a few, but never enough.

Kuka said...

Liv they are gorgeous! and i agree - the colours are fabulous!