Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Could make you want to stay awake at night

Donna Lee noted the uncanny resemblance of this blue felted dish to a cat food bowl. Unfortunately I don't have a cat, but my dogs are always very happy to take their food from any receptacle on offer.

Today I got my sister started on some felting. I had to demonstrate how rough you can be - in fact, have to be - with your knitting. She has knit two big rectangle pieces out of Sean Sheep Armytage, her first knitting since we were kids, and plans to cut them up into coasters.

This wool felts pretty quickly, and it was so cool to see her excitement when she could feel and see the change happening. That's why I love felting by hand.

For a quick break in between bigger gift projects, the other night I tried out some of Grandma's handspun for a pod. Grandma's wool is bright green and gold plied together, switching to bright blue and gold. The switch happened right in the middle of the pod, I didn't manipulate that. For a second strand I used a softer green (Panda Carnival) and then a softer blue (Sean Sheep Spirit), hoping it will all blend nicely with felting.

I must be really feeling the green in a big way right now. Aside from the new pod (which is actually greener than it appears in that picture), two of my gift projects are green, and I am swatching some green totem for a 'somewhere down the track' project (dying to start now... but too many things on the boil). And then there are these new aquisitions. NO IDEA what I will do with them, I bought them this week from The Potty Knitter out of curiosity. Above, banana fibre. And below, recycled yarn. A beautiful combination of fine strands of different fibres and colours, though not spun together so I will have to knit carefully on blunt needles, I think.


Alwen said...

'Tis the season where I'll take all the green I can get! We finally had snow overnight, so it's white out here in Michigan.

Can't wait to see the new pod felted.

Donna Lee said...

The green recycled yarn looks really interesting. I look forward to seeing it knitted up. I think it's great that you can share some of your passion with your sister. I am grateful I have my daughters to share my knitting and yarn love with.

Michelle said...

I love green at this time of the year, especially with all the mugginess we've been having. The banana yarn looks amazing!