Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Now give the whole thing a good blast from your spice weasel. Bam!

Here's a biggish bowl I knit on Sunday night. One strand of Sean Sheep Armytage, colour 'Ruby Twist' and one strand varying between purple, brown, and that blue. I already was not really feeling the love as I knit this. Then it entered my head that overall this is kind of a maroon-and-blue colour scheme, which reminds me of Catholic primary school uniforms here in Canberra. So, you know, yay. Yet, I hold out some hope for the felting to work some magic.

Last night I was about to try again with Armytage, but going through the stash for the previous one I had pulled out everything green, just on a whim. Mmmm, greeny.

One or two green yarns are missing from this picture.

This time as soon as I started knitting I was loving the combination. I even knocked it up a notch with a couple of rounds of that weird furry stuff, which is a (probably discontinued) Lincraft yarn called Merry-go-round - essentially it's Cookie Monster with added glitter. 97% wool, would you believe?

Edited next day after helpful comments and a good sleep:
Oops, I was picturing Oscar the grouch, when I typed Cookie Monster. We are talking about green, after all.

Even though my felting stash is not at all small (with particular thanks to Taph and Spidey) I don't think there is any other colour that is hanging about in the stash in such bountiful variety. I really like having a good colour range. Conclusion? Keep stashing!


Donna Lee said...

That little bit of glitter is going to look fantastic when it is felted. The greens are really pretty. You have a good eye for this!

Taphophile said...

Loving the greens. Maroon (we were required to call it burgundy) is the colour I dislike most for Canberra Catholic School reasons. Cookie Monster blue is a good description. There was a particular colour in the original Feathers yarn that was like knitting the pelt of the Cookie Monster.

Stash away, I say.

Bells said...

I didn't go to school here so have no connection to those images at all - so I like it! But the green is good.

I think your light box is working a treat! I must have one!

Olivia said...

Thanks guys. And Taph, for the reminder that Cookie Monster is so not green. THUNK! That was the sound of my hand slapping my forehard. Oscar the Grouch is what I meant.

Caffeine Faerie said...

Those colours are gorgeous, but I, like Bells, didn't go to school here, so I have no connection to the school-colours-reminder. I really like you're burgundy pot too!

Those are some great photos - I like your lightbox!

Jejune said...

They're both looking wonderful - can't wait to see how they turn out after felting! Really brilliant photos, too.

I get the 'shudder school uniform' reaction to white, royal blue, and pale yellow.

Kuka said...

aaahh love the lemon for scale!!!!