Sunday, September 23, 2007

Behind the times

This was my stick-on numberplate. Sweaty!

This is what I did last Sunday - the Canberra Times Family Fun Run. I'd only ever done this once before, when I was in year 10. I hadn't done much running back then. I remember shuffling all the way without walking, and every kilometre a different body part began to hurt.

Click for bigger, if you really want to.

This time was a much better experience. I squeaked in in just under an hour which was all I hoped for, really, kept running the whole way without having to walk (10km), and finished 1376 out of 2230. So I am a slow runner, but it's easy to feel slow when you're running with a crowd of 2000+ of Canberra's fittest people. The weather was perfect, sunny and cool. The last km was the hardest, and when I finished I felt quite sick for a minute or two. Then, suddenly, I wanted to run it again! Faster! Bring on the city to surf! The marathon! (endorphin rush + thrill of achievement). I tried to keep mobile through the day but ended up very creaky and sore that night and the next day. All better by Tuesday, though, and I ran again today (about 5km). So I feel that I have some level of conditioning for running, which is nice. I will try to build up my distance and speed a bit before the next fun run.


Taphophile said...

Congratulations! I am in total awe - under an hour! :)

Georgie said...

What a fabulous achievement - I too am awe-struck (I cant run to the mailbox without getting out of breath). congratulations!

J said...

Well done you!

Donna Lee said...

Yay you!! I HATE to run. Actually, I ran in college and developed shin splints which hurt like hell. I liked running then. I did a lot of walking then too. Now, I live a fairly sedentary life and keep telling myself I should do better. I think I will use you as my inspiration.

Djaughan Zelmonde said...

GO Team OLMA ZELMONDE!!!!! It was great to do it - and even better to do it together with you at last! Bring on 2008 CTFR!!