Saturday, April 09, 2016

Watching the dancers

Tango feet too

I spent a little more time than usual watching some of the dancers at the National Folk Festival this time. Well, of course that's apart from the Morris dancing which I always have to stop and watch!

Tango feet

We noticed that the tango is all about the legs - the upper body is relatively still. The performing members of Tango Social Club of Canberra were attentive to this and all had great shoes! I'd never paid too much attention to tango before, and found this group beautiful to watch. My friend pointed out that the Obamas gave it a red hot go on a recent visit to Argentina.

P3261409 (2)

Brisas del Peru

Brisas del Peru performed several Peruvian folk and modern dances.

Brisas del Peru (2)

With several costume changes.


And below is the Irish set dancing - which they described in their introduction as "not Riverdance - but Irish social dancing".

P3261311 (2)

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