Sunday, January 04, 2015

Scrabble, sunset and Spot the cat


We had a family dinner the day after Boxing Day and eldest nephew had an opportunity stay out a bit later after his younger siblings went home to bed, to play Scrabble with his great grandmother and aunts. (Love these bits of informal family time)

Scrabble, however, was interrupted for a while when we noticed that the sunset was amazing, and had to run outside for a better look. And then we were joined by a neighbourhood cat that I've met once before: "Spot," the most friendly, dog-like cat ever.

spot the cat

sunset again

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Donna Lee said...

What a gorgeous sunset. Activity stops around here when the sun goes down with a flourish. I figure I'm not guaranteed any more sunsets so I should catch all of the ones available.

This time of year they happen so early that I miss them.