Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I remember how we'd play, simply waste the day away

Late finishing presents

It just wouldn't feel like Christmas if there wasn't a race to the finish line for at least a couple of projects. Late in the afternoon of Christmas Eve I thought there would still be time to felt Dad's present (which I think I only cast on that day) and give it to him the next day. I suppose, technically, that was true. Even though the knitting took a whole lot longer than I thought it would - and gosh, that happens so rarely - I did graft the bottom of it closed around midnight. And it was only at that point that I decided I really wasn't going to felt it that night. Granted, midnight is pretty early to quit - but I still had lots of wrapping to do.  

Big hanky holder

So Dad received a very large, floppy hanky holder with a promise that I would do the felting ASAP, and that then the item would make more sense. Sorry Dad.  But as you can see above, it's now doing its job nicely.

What is a hanky holder? Well, I don't think it's really a thing, except that it's a thing I have found useful and now some of my family members are adopting it too. I don't think it is going to sweep the nation, but you never know.

Mitts for Mum

And these are the Nalu Mitts designed by Leila Raabe, which I made for Mum, using some more of that red Zarina wool. On Christmas Day she received one mitt. That one mitt had knit up so quickly, back in November, that I became a wee bit overconfident about how easily I would finish this project. So I spent used up my time on other projects, and I think I may have only cast on the second mitt on Christmas Eve. Oops. Sorry Mum.

Of course, it will be far too warm for these to see any wear for at least a couple of months yet.

MItts for Mum


Demelza said...

Great title! Very apt. And terrific idea with the hanky box. x

Donna Lee said...

You make the most wonderful things. I think the hankie holder could catch on. It's a clever design.

And I am in love with the trees! They are beautiful. I like them just the shape you made them.

Do you think you may make more and sell them?