Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Palmerville in Autumn

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I had heard about Palmerville via a friend who lives quite close by, as well as a recent-ish story by In the Taratory.

Still, I imagined it being a bit of a hassle to get to and I was surprised when I looked it up to find it's quite accessible and pretty much in the middle of suburbia. (They don't call Canberra the bush capital for nothing - we do have plenty of bits like this in between normal suburbs).

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A bit over week ago, Bertie Mabootoo and I went there for a Sunday afternoon photography walk. It's a very pretty and peaceful spot, the site of an early European settlement, very much pre-Canberra.

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As well as several grand elms and oaks, likely to be the oldest in Canberra and planted from the mid-1850s, the park also includes the much younger Landcare memorial forest.

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Each of these trees, natives this time, is dedicated to someone who has died. In some cases families have added extra plaques for other family members. I can't find much online about it, but this forest is clearly cared for, probably by local Landcare volunteers, and also visited by at least some of the families. I wonder if you can still purchase/dedicate a new tree? There were some saplings among the mature trees, but it looked like they were replacements for trees that had died or had to be removed.

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Shaun Onstenk said...

Excellent pics! Much more informative post than mine too :)

Helen said...

I love this place, as you know. Your photos are a treat.