Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Is teal in the rainbow?


I am so happy to have finished my Arc en ciel jumper, which I've been working on between other things for months and months. I think it was the second sleeve I was working on while waiting for Bruce. And that was ages ago. I work on too many things at once, often get distracted by gifts, and generally seem to take ages to knit something, so I never really get too hung up on finishing a garment for for a particular season. This one, purely by chance, was finished pretty much just at the right time to start wearing it.

stripey flat

It's warm but light, made in Crazy Zauberball sock wool. It's close-fitting enough to wear under a jacket, but the loose boxy shape will mean I can layer under it too. So I think it will see much more wear than a heavier jumper.

I'm not sure what made me so sure I wanted to make this, since I knew it wouldn't work for me exactly as written - the neckline was a wide boatneck, and a little oversized on the model so that it also fell off one shoulder. Even so, I jumped into making the pieces without quite knowing how I was going to make it work. The front and back pieces are exactly the same shape, and this worried me a bit. I would have liked to drop and shape the front neckline, but I was too lazy to work out the shaping, as everything is knit on the bias...tricky. As it is, the inside of the cowl does sit higher on my neck than I prefer, but it's ok.

I ended up following the pattern as written, but continued the neckline beyond where you were supposed to cast off, with some paired decreases either side to narrow the yoke. I sort of hate skivvies/turtlenecks, so I really needed the cowl to drape down at the front. This took some trial and error (I really should have known that stocking stitch would turn into a big doughnut) and I ended up using a slightly larger needle, seed stitch, and some increases at the centre front.

increases detail stripey jumper


Sarah said...

Very cute - and great mods!

Belinda said...

That looks great!

Donna Lee said...

I love crazy zauberball yarn. It makes such cool stripes. I used to wear turtlenecks and cowls all the time but as I get older, I can't stand anything like that around my neck.

Those colors look really nice on you. That will be a versatile sweater.

Wens said...

It's really awesome! I love the colours and it looks so good on you! Great job!