Thursday, February 07, 2013

Throw your love around

Yes, I really do love putting sequins on things. Especially felted things.

Way back in December, a special friend was having a birthday and I was pretty sure she'd like a pair of these. I had a few small pears that were made a while ago; I've moved away from selling that size in the shop. They are bigger than the original sequinned pear ornaments, but smaller than the sort of realistic-sized pears I usually make. As they already had stalks, I didn't do the beaded loops for hanging.
I used exactly the same clear sequins on both. Both started out in very similar colours to the non-sequinned pears in this photo - one in strong purples and one in pale yellows. Isn't it interesting just how much the sequins lighten the overall colour? I actually have some coloured transparent sequins - pale green, pale blue, etc, but haven't tried those yet.


Anonymous said...

Amazing colour changes and I love the brown stalks on them. Very beautiful and lucky friend :) ily ma

Leah said...

Ooh, I do like those. They look so subtle and expensive. Well, as subtle as sequins can be ;)