Saturday, February 02, 2013

Oh, I almost forgot this part!

When I finally finished the cushion and took the final photos, enough time had elapsed that I forgot I had taken these earlier shots of the flower by itself. When you hold it up by the centre, it looks sort of like a Christmas tree! Is it only because I knit it in green?

And in more up-to-date news, some photos of the latest lot of pears. Two of these will shortly be heading somewhere quite exotic (to me anyway). Three others ended up going home with a colleague. I certainly wasn't seeking to sell them at work, but the whole batch spent a couple of days adorning my cupboard before going in to the shop. Sometimes it's nice to show people one of the things I do in the rest of my life - or what I sometimes think of as my "real life", though, yeah, I know it's not as simple as that. natural

One of the oddest questions yet - are they good with ice-cream? I shudder at the thought of all that wool against my teeth.


I still occasionally get "ah, what are they FOR?" I just say they are sculptures. That answer seems to work.
plus purple


Melz said...

I like that - are they good with ice-cream?! Of course! just like friends are.

Donna Lee said...

Does everything have to be FOR something? I like them just for their visual appeal.

And I think that flower could make a beautiful tree if you put a central "trunk" in the middle and then maybe a star on top. A couple of beads and a bit of glitz here and there and voila! Christmas tree.

Wens said...

TWO OF THOSE ARE MINE!!!!! Yesssss. Thank you! I love them. xo