Monday, September 17, 2012

What was that craftster motto again?

 The first tea cosy sparked a request for another one in the same colours and design. For various reasons, I was happy to do it for this person, but I was stubbornly determined not to repeat myself exactly so I made some little modifications. Just double seed stitch instead of seed/irish moss, and the flower colours reversed. Now I'm looking at these pictures, I wonder if maybe it could have used an extra flower on one side.

The stripey one I made earlier in the winter. It took a lot longer to complete, for such a little project, and I think I'd use self-striping next time! I usually don't mind ends at all, even lots of ends, but somehow it didn't seem worth it for a tea cosy. This, I suppose, could be considered a prototype - if I ever get around to trying again with a few tweaks. It was maybe going to be a gift, but I wasn't totally thrilled with it. But at least now my teapot  has its own cosy and my tea stays warm a bit longer. (We usually drink all the tea in one go anyway so I've never seen an urgent need for one).
010_stripe cosy


Donna Lee said...

I don't own a tea cozy. I have three teapots (one from each of my grandmothers and one that plays "tea for two" when you pick it up- a gift from my favorite aunt). We only drink pots of hot tea in the cold months and I've never thought of a cozy. I like your striped one. What stitch is that? I suppose I should break down and make one so our tea stays warmer.

2paw said...

They are both great, each has her own special niceness!!