Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teal leaves


This is the Falling leaves scarf I made for my sister, but it's written for bulky yarn and I used a worsted weight - Misti Alpaca Tonos again - (same colour, even). When I showed the pattern picture to my sister I tried to warn her that it would come out a bit smaller and more delicate.... but in hindsight, I didn't really get the message across and she was surprised when she saw it, having expected the leaves to be much bigger.


Given the smaller gauge, I thought I'd need some extra repeats to get the right length. I actually did a quick block while it was on the needles, before knitting the tapered end, to check how it would look. And in spite of this caution, it still ended up too long. The photo above is how it is designed to be worn, pulled once through the loop. A bit droopy and not much good for keeping the neck/throat warm.


She found a couple of ways to loop up the extra length though (above and below). And isn't that green jumper gorgeous? She wins at op shopping!


I think it looks pretty good and I think she is happy with it. But it's such a nice and quick pattern, if I come across a likely bulkier yarn, I'll do it again for her at some point.


Helen said...

that's a very cute scarf. I love it. Novel without being weird!

Demelza said...

Thanks again sweet clever sister of mine! It's real purdy. You win at knitting!

Donna Lee said...

I love the leaf stitch in patterns. It's easy to remember and seems to move along quickly, even in fingering weight yarn.

I think that scarf pattern makes a more decorative scarf with the thinner yarn. Enough to keep the breeze off your neck but not too heavy to wear all day.