Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tapestry weaving

IMG_6764 Today I went to a free tapestry weaving workshop with my mum. The Canberra Centenary Community Tapestry Project has opportunities for people to get involved both in the design and the actual weaving. The workshops at this stage are just for learning the basics and maybe coming up with your own designs; I don't think the actual tapestry has started yet. It was slightly awkward; from the info we saw, we kinda thought there would be new beginners there each Sunday, but it turned out everyone there today had started last week. So we had to wait around a bit for the teacher to get us started and show us the basics. Still a great opportunity to try something new. The piece is pretty unexciting in these pictures but we did start to add other colours and worked on a diagonal line too. IMG_6765

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Donna Lee said...

Are you using an actual loom or did you have a makeshift one? Weaving looks like an interesting craft. Very rhythmic.