Thursday, June 28, 2012

The after shot(s)

bowl 6
And here is that big pod after felting. bowls 11
I dropped off a batch of both pears and bowls at Craft ACT today. bowls in shop
I do always struggle a bit with pricing. After spending the hours knitting, felting and finishing, plus rejecting a couple of pieces that aren't good enough, I was trying to psyche myself up to charge a bit more than last time. Because there is work here (even if I enjoy most of it), and that time could be spent doing lots of other things. I don't really make standard sizes, I just have a list of the price points I've used before and I pick what seems right at the time. I pretty sure that I haven't been too vigilant and have been inclined to err on the side of the cheaper price points over time. Somehow at the last minute I look at the pieces and see them as ordinary, just those things I make...

  bowls 9
So it was very gratifying to have Jenny suggest that the prices go up a bit with this batch. She'd observed that people seem to find them cheaper than they expect. posed bowls 16
I forgot to get good pictures of the pears this time. They were ready a couple of weeks ago and have been sitting on my cabinet at work, attracting a mixture of compliments and bemused questions. It's taken years but I now have a good, simple answer to the perennial 'what are they *for*?'. They're sculptures.

pears in shop


2paw said...

They are beautiful, and I think they are worth every cent people are willing to pay. I don't think craft ever attracts its true price. I especially love the little green bowl and always the pears!!

Donna Lee said...

What are they for? They're for touching and looking at and for just sitting there being beautiful. I love the colors on the top one.

Kate said...

Found your site via Flickr and CraftZine - gorgeous felting! Really lovely artisanal work :)