Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This hour has gone around

This is Hoot Cardigan by Brenna Kotar.
I absolutely loved making this cardie:
- (Of course) the owl cable
IMG_6656 P
- and the i-cord cast on - fiddly but worth it
- I did a good bit of the knitting of this over Easter, at the National Folk Festival. Good times!
- I added shaping to the sleeves because I preferred it that way
- I wish I had placed the buttonholes one stitch further in from the edge, I don't think they look right.
IMG_6652 P
- The wool was lovely to use. I made it in an 8ply, Bendigo Woollen Mills Highlands, instead of the worsted weight it is written for. But a top-down raglan is easy to knit to whatever size you need.
- The wool had no label - it was given to me - and I only worked out after I finished that it had to be hand washed. Normally I would choose machine washable for a baby gift.
- I think I could have made it a little bit longer for this boy. (He started out so small but has grown magnificently.)


DZ said...

Gorgeous! I don't think the buttons look odd - on the bub (very cute) the buttons on the edge look like a designer detail!


Donna Lee said...

It's adorable. One of my coworkers (that I really like) is pregnant and I was thinking I wanted a cute sweater to make for her. This may be the one. Did you put french knots in for the eyes?

And I'll keep in mind what you said about the button holes.

2paw said...

Oh it is a lovely cardigan, the owls are so cute!!

Carly said...

Love it! especially the Owls! Hope you are well. Happy B;day for recently? I think!

Alwen said...

Oh, that's cy-hoot! :)