Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Do you have it in black?

This was a request for a friend who wanted a necklace like the black ones, but in these reddish and purple colours. She hasn't seen it yet, so I hope I got the colours right. If not, I wouldn't mind wearing this one myself - I find the black one pretty heavy-looking and don't wear it that often.
The backing is the same as before, but I don't think I have described it. It is black fabric stuck on with double sided fusible interfacing, trimmed to shaped and then blanket stitched around the edge. This time I improved the way the jump rings are attached. On the previous necklaces I just forced the jump ring through the felt before adding the backing. For the red necklace, I sewed a loop of black ribbon into the back of the felt circle, then placed the backing over it, leaving just enough loop to attach the jump ring. I think this might be a bit more secure - not that it has been a problem so far - and also looks a bit more polished.



Anonymous said...

Your friend is so blessed. This is spectacular and I'm so impressed with the polished finish as well. ily ma

Rose Red said...

I love this! Looks fantastic!