Saturday, September 03, 2011

Y Ddraig Goch ddyry gychwyn

(The red dragon leads the way)

Hello from north Wales!

Unfortunately, I don't seem to have any photos here which capture the amazing northern Wales mountain scenery, though we have driven through a lot of it. I just love being in alpine country.114
Wales is littered with railways of varying gauges, some continuing to operate as tourist attractions and many abandoned. Yesterday we took the Snowden Mountain Railway, which takes a one-hour journey from Llanberis to the summit of Mt Snowden, allows half an hour to get out and look around, and then descends. Except, apparently, when conditions at the top are too windy. We only got about three-quarters of the way there, and didn't have an opportunity to get out. It was a bit cramped and noisy in the small, tightly packed carriage, and I really could have used a bit of air and leg stretching time. However, the views were completely amazing all the way, so it was well worth it.
All the signs are bilingual and you do hear the locals speaking Welsh a lot. Many of the place names look bizarre, but once I hear how they are pronounced, they make more sense. I'm still probably making a mes of it though!
While waiting for our train ride we took a short walk uphill to see the ruins of Dolbadarn Castle. The castle may have only been in use for less than 100 years, and yet there it is, still standing, and it probably will be for many years to come.
These last two shots are from the town of Llanberis.


amy said...

We were just talking yesterday about how someday we should do an Ancestor Tour and visit Scotland (for my husband) and Italy (for us both), and I asked if we could visit Wales while we're in the UK because, well, it's Wales!! It looks lovely and like you're there at a good time of year to visit.

Green said...

I am just loving your photos and the details you choose - heart vacancy sign - sigh
wish i were there