Sunday, September 04, 2011

I found a picture of you

Goodbye Wales. For now.
We stopped *somewhere* along the road, in mid-Wales. After rain all day yesterday, it was a great sunny day for driving.
Goodbye Welsh mountain sheep. There were sheep everywhere in the mountains, including on very steep slopes, often wandering contentedly quite separate from their fellows - contrary to the sheep stereotype. And of course I found a bit of Welsh wool to bring home.


Anonymous said...

i am only just catching up with where you have been, your photos are just spectacular! hope you are having a brilliant time.

grateful said...

absolutely delightful

balaknitter said...

Hope your getting better weather than we are today,the pictures are great adverts for Wales.

Donna Lee said...

Ever since we watched Torchwood, I've had a hankering to visit Wales. It's so beautiful and I love seeing the signs with the amazing words.

Alwen said...

Wow! I am certainly having the photo tours in my blog reading today!

Bells said...

so envious of your time in wales! I imagine you might not get lots of knitting done in the car, with all that spectacular scenery to look at!