Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Every time I look at this photo I want to eat this again

I was in Melbourne the week before last, and am finally getting around to processing photos. My sister took me to Borscht, Vodka and Tears and I ate a lot of (delightful) pierogies.

My dad and I went to a football match at the mighty MCG for the first time. Look at this weather! Is that not the perfect first MCG experience? (I'm actually not being sarcastic).

The game could have been a little bit more exciting, but at least this old scarf is still going strong. I did have to confiscate it for repairs after the Sydney game we attended last year.

We also visited Hosier Lane - there is information about some of the art here.


Bells said...

ooh a polish restaurant. Sounds wonderful. I must look it up next time i'm down there.

Donna Lee said...

Kielbasa and pierogies are regulars on the menu at our house. Peter Kevin's mother's maiden name was Orzechowski. While I don't like the sausage, I do like pierogies.

It looks cold for a game but I guess games with lots of running are better in the cold. I always feel sorry for our football players in Aug when they start training camp and it's still high summer.

Anonymous said...

oh it totally makes sense that the MCG experience should include rain. my grandma was polish, many memories in that photo. how gret is melbourne, really?

Anonymous said...

and i mean great of course...

Michelle said...

Gosh I love pierogi. Used to be able to get it at the Polish Club years and years ago, and then some Thai greasy spoon took over. Devastated. So I'll have to check out that place in Melbourne for next time I'm visiting.

demelza said...

Nice pics Liv

Alwen said...

Mmmm, pierogis!

DH's family is Polish, and he makes a lot of Polish food, but he has a hard time with dough and pie crust. Someday I have to attempt the pierogi dough and he can make the filling!